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Please read carefully 😉

This ex·libris measures approx 8×4 cm, although the size may vary depending on the design. It could be smaller or a little bit bigger, hand carved! It is always mounted on wood and includes a color ink pad. Everything is presented in a very special package with a few more surprises 🙂

For personalization I need to know if you want to include the word EX-LIBRIS, the person's name or their initials. I will need to know what he/she likes, if he/she is a big reader of adventure, magic or murder books. If he/she likes traveling, movies, cooking or playing board games. If he/she likes the mountains, the sea or dreams of traveling to space. If he/she has a special interest in architecture, biology or cars. Does he/she scuba dive, hike in the mountains, ride a bike or play rugby. I need to know something that identifies that person so that when he/she receives the ex-libris, they feel they can identify with it. After all, we want him to stamp all his books, don't we?

It is important that you know that the personalization is taking into account some data that you can tell me, but I am not worth real reference data such as his dog Pantxo or his cat Kiti, the city of Amsterdam or NY, characters like Harry Potter or Micky Mouse ... you can mention it to me in case I could take it into account when making the design but it will not be the most important or what I will base mainly. I need a general idea.

The delivery or shipping date is approximately 15 days after receiving the order. You will not know the result until you receive the product in your hands, it is a surprise ex-libris!, unless I have any doubt in the process, then I will contact you.

In the product photos you can see some examples.

Write in the order notes, before finalizing the purchase, the information that you think I should take into account to make your personalized ex-libris. And if you have any doubt about the product, you can write me before finalizing the purchase through this form.


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