I'm Natalia Ros, illustrator and printmaker. Graduated in Fine Arts from the University of the Basque Country and with a master's degree in Graphic Design and Audiovisual Design from the IDEP school (Barcelona).

Lover of creative processes, observer of the smallest details, defender of well done, complete and quality work, dreamer of a more sustainable world and fighter for an art accessible to everyone.

I dedicate myself mainly to 100% hand-printing. When I studied at university, I immersed myself in the world of engraving, working with different techniques such as engraving on copper, wood or stone. I discovered all these processes with infinite possibilities and I fell in love with them. Over time, I have managed to simplify all these processes in my own, being able to continue printing with a much smaller infrastructure and using only my hands to print.

I'm too active a girl to only spend my time doing one thing. That's why I complement my work with other graphic design projects in collaboration with other brands. Although my work is mainly manual, my computer is my great ally. I miss a good layout in Indesign, an extensive logo design development, a social media strategy or a set of graphic elements for an event.

I believe that the Earth lends us everything it has, but does not give it to us. We must take care of it because resources are limited and we owe it the best we have. Over the years I have been improving the whole process in terms of sustainability. I work with water-based inks, both for paper and textile. The papers I use are carefully selected, responsibly sourced and with a manufacturing/production conscience. Most are eco-friendly, with seals to prove it. I have found a way to save water in the cleaning of the materials, using a basin that once I can no longer use, I place in the sun, let it evaporate and reserve the remains in a container to later take it to the green waste recycling point. As of today, my shipments are zero plastic!

I am inspired by nature itself, everything that arises in it, with special affection for the marine world, that great unknown. I believe that all my work, from the representation to the elaboration is a tribute to nature. I try to represent and respect it. That's why I try to make the result go hand in hand with the creation process.

Welcome to my world! Feel free to visit me in my shop/workshop at Carrer del Guadiana, 29, in Barcelona.


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